The media communications profession was born early in the 20th century as growing companies adopted film technology to inform, train and motivate employees and introduce new products to customers. Media communicators contributed greatly to the early growth of many of the world’s most powerful companies and institutions. But film was just the first technology to be adopted and adapted by professional media communicators to do their jobs.

The parade of technology that can be used by companies and organizations to communicate with their employees, customers and vendors continues at a dizzying pace in the Digital Age. CD-ROM, DVD, Web sites with streaming media, MP3, Intranets and Extranets can all be useful tools. But knowing which is best for any particular message aimed at any particular audience can be a real challenge.

In a world of continually changing technology, smart companies and organizations recognize the value of the media communications professional as the connection point -the place where the medium and the message meet. The job of the media communication professional is to help pin-point the message, invent a way to tell the story, capture the message and then transmit it, using an appropriate mix of technology tools.

The professionals at KCG Pictures have experience in a wide variety of production environments, from simple single-camera set-ups for capturing live training sessions, through complex multi-location shoots involving hard-to-reach locations.

The most successful projects are the result of comprehensive planning, careful management and flexible execution. The folks at KCG Pictures can handle all facets of your project, from helping your staff develop the original concept, to scripting, budgeting, production, post-production and delivery.

We are sensitive to our clients’ budget restraints, and are proud of our ability to complete projects on-time and within budget. While using the latest in digital technology, we still remember the fact that your message is what’s important, whether it will be delivered on tape, DVD or on the web.

Please feel free to contact us to have your questions about this exciting technology answered. We would love to show you how we can help you harness the power of video for your next project!