BrownieOur proprietor, Will Kacy, began making images of the world around him at an early age. Borrowing his parents’ Brownie camera, he would capture scenes from around the neighborhood, ranging from nature shots from the nearby woods to impromptu portraits of neighborhood pets.


While in high-school, Will added motion-picture photography to his skill set, using a Sony “Portapak” video camera and reel-to-reel recorder to make a short video as a senior English class project. This was years before there was anything like home-video players!

While in college, Will and a friend made several “photo junkets”, including a memorable week-long trip to the Big Bend area of west Texas. Sleeping in the friend’s Subaru and travelling the length of the park from east to west, they captured a variety of images from beautiful sunrise vistas to close-ups of bugs and plant life.

Upon graduation from college, Will sought out a job that would enable him to use his talents in both photography and video production, and began a career as television director and photographer for a major corporation. This job led to trips to different parts of the world, shooting in varied environments from jungles and swamps to deserts and oceans.  Hundreds of hours of training, documentary and promotional videos were produced during this time, several winning coveted industrial television (ITV) awards.


Leaving corporate life to do free-lance and fine-art photography full-time, Will has concentrated on images that enhance the surroundings where they’re displayed. His photographs have been exhibited in office buildings, as well as homes where beautiful photography is appreciated.  His most recent collection is the result of a three-month tour through the western United States. The images from this collection will bring the beauty of our great country to your living room.

The advent of digital video production has increased our capabilities while keeping costs down.  Recent projects include documentary videography of political events, as well as production work on a DVD training series.  We are also in pre-production on an original dramatic production for a screenwriter in Austin.